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Affordable Luxury, Style and Class by Stanlion

Stanlion men are men who value unusual combinations, For them the city is the perfect ecosystem where you can flash between a business meeting and a relaxing break.Hyperconnected, frantic, metrosexual, seductive, Stanlion men know how to adapt the colors to the needs of their style. Even in their wardrobe, performance and style are synonymous. Their wardrobe combines the charm of traditional materials with the kind functionality developed through technological research. At Stanlion style is revolutionary, but without extremes and the clothes convey a stylistic heritage interpreted in contemporary key.
Stanlion, home of affordable luxury.

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The common denominator of the Stanlion footwear collection is comfort, achieved by the the use of soft precious materials.Stanlion have a wide range of Iconic pieces like the lace Baracuda, the Leopard wild boy, the metallic toe faroteur, the patent finished smooth criminal…etc
Our shoes are all hand crafted by legendary Italian shoes makers with a sophisticated finish that is comfortable from the first to the last wear..

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At Stanlion we have a large variety of accessories with warm color shades that keep their classic and timeless fascination and are irreplaceable and indispensable for versatility and refinement in a man’s wardrobe. Making this accessories the ideal choice to a personal touch.

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